Gold Pickup Radius

In Diablo 2 if you wanted to pick up gold, you had to click on each individual pile. This was both time consuming and annoying to many players.

In Diablo 3 you will no longer need to click on gold to pick it up. Instead you will just have be in a small radius near the gold and it will be automatically picked up.

The higher your Gold Pickup Radius the further away you can be to pick up gold. You can increase your character's Gold Pickup Radius by equipping gear with the stat "Gather health globes and gold from +x yards". Though not crucial, this is a nice little modifier to have on some of your equipment.

Circle of Life is a Witch Doctor Passive Skill that is affected by the Gold Pickup Radius. Whenever an enemy dies within 12 yards there is a 5% chance that a Zombie Dog will automatically emerge. The range of this effect is increased by items that increase your Gold Pickup Radius.

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