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There are many different Diablo 3 Guides that can give you an edge on your competition. The types of Diablo 3 Guides include Leveling Guides, Gold Guides, PvP Guides, Profession Guides, Auction House Guides, General Strategy Guides etc.

The fact of the matter is that there is not one person who is best at everything. This also proves true for players in the world of Diablo 3 and this is the reason why Professional Guides are written. Feel free to read the example scenario below.

Player A Scenario
Player A solos Diablo 3 from Normal to Inferno with every Class before the majority of D3 players have even beaten the game with one Class. Player A also holds the record for beating Diablo 3 in shortest amount of time. Player A is a Speed Leveling expert and can gain EXP more quickly and efficiently then any other player in Diablo 3.

Player A writes a Professional In-Depth Step By Step Leveling Guide of the best and fastest way to level up in Diablo 3. However, since Player A has spent most of the time doing Speed Runs, there has not been any time to learn how to master the auction house or discover the optimal PvP builds and tactics.

Player B Scenario
Player B has played the same amount of time as Player A, but Player B only has one character at max level. The reason for this is that Player B has spent most of the time buying and selling at the auction house. Player B has done a lot of research and knows the average value and current trends of most items on the market, including the value of Gold.

Player B uses all of this gathered information to buy undervalued items and gold and sell them for a large profit when they start trending upwards. Player B writes a Professional In-Depth Guide with Secrets on How To Dominate the Auction House. However, since Player B has spent most of the time at the Auction House, there has not been any time to learn how to Level Up characters quickly or learn really anything about the PvP Arena. 

Player C Scenario
Player C has played the same amount of time as Player A and B and Player C has only one character at max level. Player C basically lives in the PvP Arena and since hitting max level, rarely sees outside of the arena. Because of this, Player C knows the Strengths and Weaknesses of every class and can counteract any skill or ability in the Arena.

Not only that, but Player C knows the optimal builds for PvP and is always on top of the PvP leaderboard. Player C writes a Professional Guide on Dominating the PvP Arena in Diablo 3. However, Player C does not really understand how to make money or gold from the auction house and leveling up seems to be a boring, slow and monotonous process.

Conclusion (How Guides Make You An Expert In All Areas Of D3)
Player A will buy the Player B Auction House guide and the Player C PvP Guide. Player B will buy the Player A Leveling Guide and Player C PvP Guide. Player C will buy the Player A Leveling Guide and Player B Auction House Guide. In this scenario, all three players become experts on Leveling, the Auction House and the PvP arena just by specializing in one area and then trading their information.

By obtaining Professional tips and advice from the Experts you too can become an Expert in all areas of Diablo 3. These advantages will allow you to dominate your competition.

Which Guide Is Best For You?
Now you may be wondering which Guides, or what type of Guides will be most beneficial to you. Don't worry, all you have to do is read below to get a basic description of what each type of guide will contain. Generally you will want a guide that will help you in an area of your game that you really want to improve upon. Whether it be Leveling Up Quickly, Getting More Gold, PvP Strategies, Profession Guide etc., there is a guide out there for you.

Leveling Guides will include step by step directions, hints and tips to gaining Experience (Exp) as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This will include a combination of questing, killing monsters, wearing certain types of equipment etc. The Professional Guides will give you an in-depth look into the order you should be doing certain quests from Normal to Inferno with maximum efficiency. 

The Experts writing these guides use complex calculations and formulas and then break them down into a more simple form for standard D3 players to understand. Every player can learn at his or her own pace and achieve maximum level in no time. Read the Leveling Guide Reviews for a more detailed description of what you will be getting from each individual guide.

PvP Guides will include guides for each individual class in Diablo 3. The best guides will discuss the various PvP Builds for each class as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each of these builds. The best PvP guides will also include tips on how to play depending on what Classes and Builds your PvP team has, as well as what Classes and Builds the opposing team is using. Read the PvP Guide Reviews for a more detailed description of what you will be getting from each individual guide.
Gold Guides will include tips, hints and strategies for obtaining the most gold in the shortest amount of time. The best Gold Guides will show you where the best farming spots are, as well as the specific type of items that you can sell to net you the most amount of gold. Since Gold will be used for many things in Diablo 3 (Professions, Upgrade Stash, Buy Items/Gear, Repairs etc.) optimizing the amount of Gold you can make per hour will be very important. Read the Gold Guide Reviews for a more detailed description of what you will be getting from each individual guide.

Auction House Guides will include various methods for making large amounts of gold and real money from the Auction House. There are many complex strategies for buying and selling in any type of Auction House. Auction House Experts first learn, understand and utilize these methods to take advantage of inefficiencies in the market.

These professionals make money off of Diablo 3 players who do not understand how markets work. In markets there is always a zero sum gain, meaning you are either the one making money or the one losing money. In any case the end sum of all transactions is always zero. Are you the one making money or losing money? Read the Auction House Guide Reviews for a more detailed description of what you will be getting from each individual guide.

Diablo 3 Professions allow you to spend time and money enhancing your character and crafting better gear. Profession Guides will give you step by step directions on the most efficient way to level up your Artisans, while avoiding unnecessary gold sinks. Spending tons of gold on unnecessary customizations is one thing that most D3 players will want to avoid.

Let the Profession experts spend their own time and gold to find out which Profession path is best for different classes and different builds. Knowing which items to salvage and which items to sell is also a very important aspect that you can find in a Profession Guide. Read the Profession Guide Reviews for a more detailed description of what you will be getting from each individual guide.

General Strategy Guides
General Strategy Guides will include tips and walkthroughs on various areas of the game, great for newer Diablo 3 players. These areas include, but are not limited to Group Play, Defeating Bosses, Different Class Builds, Do's and Dont's of Diablo 3 etc. These General Guides will usually walk you through the entirety of Diablo 3, giving tips on how to deal with the different situations you come across in Diablo 3 (eg. Elite Monster Packs, Bonus Quests, Secret Levels).

In other words, General Strategy Guides are made for Beginner to Intermediate Players and also provide tips that many Experts are not aware of. Read the General Strategy Guide Reviews for a more detailed description of what you will be getting from each individual guide.

Note: Make Sure To Read The Reviews On Each Diablo 3 Guide So That You Can Find The Guide That Is Perfect For You.

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