Nephalem Valor

What Is The Diablo 3 Nephalem Valor Buff?
Essentially the Diablo 3 Nephalem Valor is a buff/bonus that becomes available to a character once he or she hits the maximum level of 60. At this point, players will be able to attain the Nephalem Valor buff by killing a pack of Rare or Champion monsters.

While Nephalem Valor is active on your character, you will be granted an increase in both magic find and gold find. If you decide to change a skill, skill rune, passive skill or if you leave the game, the Nephalem Valor buff will disappear. Also as an added bonus, if you kill a boss while Nephalem Valor is active, you will receive an increased number of loot drops from that particular boss.

What Is The Reason For Nephalem Valor in Diablo 3?
The following are a few reasons why Nephalem Valor has been implemented into Diablo 3:

#1. Character/Skill Builds- Nephalem Valor will force players to put more confidence into their individual character builds. This includes items, gear, enhancements, skills etc.

Instead of constantly swapping skills each time you come across a different type of monster pack, Nephalem Valor will make you rethink your strategy. You could create a better overall skill build, you could try to get through the run with your Fire Damage build or you could constantly swap skills and lose your Nephalem Valor buff. Just know that there is no ultimate or best build that will be great against all monster types.

#2. Creating Less Games- In Diablo 2 the main way to get the best items was to do Boss Runs. Basically players would create a game in Hell Difficulty, kill Mephisto, Diablo and Baal, leave, create another game, and do the exact same thing. After a while, most players knew that this was the most efficient way to get the best items and this eventually lead to bots. If you played Diablo 2 you would see games such as Baal Run23, BaaalRuun5, BaalRun14 and majority of the time you would find a Hammerdin bot doing these boss runs.

Nephalem Valor will give the incentive for players to stay in one game, defeating many different monster packs rather than just killing the bosses and leaving the game. Along the same lines, item drops and areas are much more randomized in Diablo 3 than they were in Diablo 2. This means less set parameters for bots, which means less of an incentive for people to make bots. Constant patch updates should also make sure that bots do not invade Battlenet/Diablo 3.

#3. Increased Incentives- Nephalem Valor gives players bonuses to magic find and gold find, which makes killing Rare and Champion monster packs much more rewarding. Players will want to clear entire areas of monsters before killing mini-bosses and end of Act bosses as this will be the most efficient route for obtaining more items and gold. Even players who choose to kill monsters in certain areas rather than do boss runs will still be rewarded with Nephalem Valor.

All in all, Nephalem Valor is one of the better end game features of Diablo 3. It gives an incentive to reach level 60 and still keep playing Diablo 3 over and over again. Not to mention, players will want to start upgrading their gear once they hit level 60 for the PvP Arena. The most efficient end game item and gold farming tactics will occur while Nephalem Valor is active.

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